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Erwin’s has a rich history in the Covington, TN area.  “This place has been in business for over 100 years.  First, it was my great grandfather’s store - then we started cooking on the weekends.  It was never intended to be a real business, it just grew this way,” explained Jeff Erwin.  “We didn’t even have a real kitchen, just a grill.  I built a room around it after I tried to cook outside in a thunderstorm one weekend.”

It’s not hard to find a reason why things ‘just grew that way.’  It’s real food that really tastes good.  “We don’t microwave and we don’t deep fry,” Erwin continued. “We use our own recipes on sauces and spices.  People don’t cook like that anymore - it’s uncommon cooking.”


Friday: 5 pm- 9:30 pm

Saturday: 5 pm- 9:30 pm



4464 BRIDE RD., COVINGTON, TN 38019 | (901) 476-7888

Their menu has evolved over time.  Foods that have been added were once specials customers requested again and again.  And the taste is completely unique.  Meat is cooked over firewood from trees that have fallen in their farm fields over the winter.

Homemade recipes for sauces and spices have come from a ‘pinch of this and a splash of that’ over time, including ‘The Stuff’, which has evolved into a much requested seasoning while cooking, and for those who are addicted, there’s a jar on the table to add to vegetables.

‘The Stuff’ is now being shipped as far away as Canada and to many other states.  “People have come to Erwin’s, tasted it and bought a jar to take home with them,” Erwin explained. “People love it - they say ‘We want some of that stuff that’s on the table,’ and that’s the way it has grown.”

The Stuff will soon be available for delivery on this website here. In the meantime, feel free to give Jeff a call, and he will send you a bottle or jar, depending on the size you need.


Call 901-476-7888 from 12pm– 9pm daily,


The stuff

The Stuff Coming Soon!

Our online store is coming! In the meantime, if you would like to order The Stuff please give us a call at 901-476-7788